Wealth Management

Many financial service organizations focus solely on a single facet of your complex financial picture, potentially leading to a disjointed overall financial game plan. At Strategic Financial Partners, our concept of wealth management means considering your family’s entire financial picture and legacy goals as a prerequisite to providing professional guidance. Whether you are in need of an investment portfolio overhaul or an analysis to update your insurance protection strategy, we believe that full consideration of all aspects of your financial picture is the most prudent form of a properly designed wealth management structure.

Wealth management can mean different things to different people. At SFP, we define wealth management in the following areas:

· Financial Planning

· Overall Portfolio Construction

· Investment Management

· Retirement Distribution Strategies

· Protection & Insurance Design

Your total wealth profile is very systemic; meaning an adjustment to one item may very well affect the others. It is our overarching goal to use our expertise and thought leadership as we guide you to your desired goals. If you feel that you may have been in a situation where your plan was not the focus, we would welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss why Strategic Financial Partners may be the right partnership for you.